About State Made Goods

SMG America is full of Mom n' Pop shops and State Made Goods is one too! Our staff consists of me, founder Shannon Laskey, and my husband. I am a graphic artist and have been running my company (small dog workshop) since 1999 providing fun & lively design services, copy writing, and illustrations (see more at www.smalldogworkshop.com). A few years ago I noticed that every website I went to that focused on American-made products was tacky, unsightly and usually hard to navigate. As a designer of websites myself, I was dismayed. America is so full of cool people, places & things. Why the disconnect? In my spare time (ha ha) I started designing State Made Goods with the goal to make it attractive, engaging, cool, fun, and informative. As I worked on the site, the support for products Made in America grew and new, hip sites began to pop up. At one point I thought of giving up - how could my little site compete with mega-mogul Martha Stewart? But, I like to finish what I start so we launched State Made Goods in June 2013. Whether it stays small or takes off into something huge (who could play me in the movie?), I've enjoyed creating this site so much and I'm happy to help spread the word that lots of cool Americans are making lots of very, very cool stuff!

Thank you so much for stopping by and your interest in State Made Goods!
Yours Truly,
Shannon C. Laskey


JULY 2013 • Article about Shannon Laskey and State Made Goods

"I loved reading about your mission statement with State Made Goods (which is so important)."
— Kirsten Ulve, Illustrator

"Love the website, its so up my alley!"
— Tarina Tarantino, Accessories Designer and Author

"Your site is really something."
—Brigette Barrager, Illustrator